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New features:

Keywords are now stored as 'sets' thereby simplifying creation of types. Terms store the keywords like Article or Tutorials. They also store the button names.

Templates are now stored as sets. Most configurations use the same templates, so it makes sense to group them together so users don't have to re-enter every time they make a new type. There is also a new template 'GARS_showthread'.

Think Ive sorted most issues out with any ratings. I want to do a bit more work on the rating modules though.
I also still have to impliment the function to only allow ratings to be made when users comment.

The module system is totally re-written (again). There are 2 sections to modules: Module Sets and Registered Modules.
All modules must first be registered in order to use them (this hasnt changed from previous versions).
Module sets are a group of pre-configured modules. Each set stores a configuration for showthreadimplementhasn't and forumdisplay and allows easy managment and sharing of modules between types.

These are greatly simplified with the sets mentioned above. A couple features are still not plugged in, however its just about there.
There are a few more options to choose from too:
Limit of threads on forumdisplaymanagement, alphabetical sorting, Auto featuring for x days (this only defaults for new threads and it is the amount of days to feature something via the AJAX auto feature method)
There is also a gallery manager for each type that allows you to upload and delete gallery files quickly and easily.

Thats a quick run down of some of the changes.


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