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Default GARS Beta 4 Release Discussion

Here he is. GARS beta 4. The last beta before we go RC.

Please read the following before installing!

GARS is still a beta and therefore should only be installed by experienced users. Saying that, it looking pretty sweet now.

I have moved the gars directory into the forums/geek folder. This is for much easier management and future code sharing. I would suggest to moving your gars/images folder to geek/gars/images Make sure that the folders are still writable after moving for uploading purposes.

Go into your admincp
Click on Terms. Edit any term. Click save.
Click on Templates. Edit any template. Click save.
This will cache the templates and terms and save you 2 queries.

You will need to re-configure GARS! Don't stress though, its pretty straight forward and most of it will already be configured for you.

This version is almost totally rewritten is large areas. This is now more like what the final product will be like when it goes gold. I have totally restructured the mod and type system to make it much easier to use.

Most known issues have been resolved, though there are some outstanding and a few new from the mammoth recoding. However I feel that this version is as stable if not more so than previous versions.

Ill be updating the module tutorial with the changes to the module system for those of you that have written custom mods. I will also be updating the known issues thread when I get a second.

Please feel free to discuss the issue in this thread. I'm interested to get your feedback.