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Default Weird Bug, Author can't edit thread

Ok, reinstalled gars,

i moved a normal vb thread into a gar's forum. The user who posted it, everytime he wants to edit, he edits once, then after that he can't do it anymore. The edit button doesn't appear.

I had to make him a mod of that forum for him to edit it.

When i try to edit the thread after he edits it once...the "Posted as User" info is missing as well as the "featured dates" They all been wiped out for some reason after he edits it.

The weird thing is he doesn't have those permission to set "posted as user" or "featured dates" And he is the original author. This thread has like 100+ comments though. So maybe it screwed up the conversion some how?

Here's the thread.

Edit: Also when i add in the featured dates, the posted user, again, and then he edits, it dissappears again

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