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Default Sorry to say but...

Im sorry to say this, but I first bought (actually spending a lot of money due to my currency, which is no problem for me) GARS, it was great, but there were some limitations... limitations that since then, have not been worked around to leave them in the past.

Right now I see a lot of my questions being answered with the same reply "currently thats not possible" or "I could eventually look into it".

I understand that this website dont pay your bills nor pay your vacations, but I feel very bad when a product would be great if the suggestions sent since a few years could be worked around and a really good support system would be here to help us if we cant install a hack from in a GARS enabled forum.

And more to add, now there is a new product coming over, the GAZ , but, will it be a RC like GAB , a Beta like GAL or not 100% complete like GARS?

There are actually better products that have the suggestions we asked, like Articles by Mary (or other products by her), I dont want to be like the scam vBMS was, which never came out of beta and a lot of customers that payed money never hard a 100% working product.

My 2 cents geek, I dont have anything agains you, but i dont like beta software that is never a FINAL release.
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