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They have been going out. Last one I got was issue #5 yesterday afternoon. Looks like the next issue will get generated around 1am GMT and then sent out as people come to the site and activate the send cron. It looks like my generator cron may need to be changed to a higher amount?

You can see the last 3 newsletters that have gone out here->

There isnt much difference between them though as the snapshots are happening pretty frequently.

You can also take a peek at the documentation here-> hell... you can even pitch in

There does seem to be a couple of oddities still about but nothing I have had too much time to dig into. I have it set up on another of my very active sites sending weekly issues to 13k members. So far so good but the last issue that was auto generated was blank (but others have been fine) - so there is something happening (or not) there.

Ill be out of town from tomorrow afternon until Friday (maybe Thursday night). Give me a shout if you guys stumble over anything. In the meantime, Im off to go work on GAL some more (I have spent ~70 hours the past couple of weeks rewriting it from the ground up and it is looking sweet)

Toodles all
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