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Default How does GARS handle header images?

Hey Geek,

Can you please explain to me in short, how GARS handles the upload of header images?

I thought that it creates a specific folder for every kind of type I have defined and that it simply puts the file into that types' folder on my server, when I upload a new header image.

Now, it seems that this is not the case.

I have uploaded several files - all of which belonged to one type only (articles) - the first header images all went into /geek/gars/images/1, but all of a sudden an new directory was created and all images now go into /geek/gars/images/2.

I need to have all header images go into the same directory - always. Is there a way to relink images to articles, after i have moved them on my server? Or better yet: can I force GARS to always use the same folder for these files?


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