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Default GAZ Private RC 1 Release Discussion

I have just uploaded GAZ RC 1 to the download area for the private testing team.

This release marks a milestone for GAZ development as we exit the Beta stage and enter the Release Candidate stage. An RC release means that the feature set is frozen and as far as I can tell, it is good enough for release. It does not mean that the release is stable yet - it just means that it is as stable as I can tell

There were very few issues to fix since last release, it was primarily a matter of finishing the features. Since there is already documentation (though it needs vamping) and it is already phrased (report any un-phrased text), I think we are in a pretty sweet spot to go into gold.

Known issues:
  • Unconfirmed issue with gmail header from address.
Things to do:
  • Test around automated sending
  • Create an exclude/include threadid's field for the threadlist module that will enable admins to include additional threads or exclude threads from list. Ideally I would like to create a data browser/manager however I think that falls out of the scope for 1.0
  • Work on manual. I am actually going to port it into a wiki (along with my other manuals). If anyone wants to help with this documentation or any other documentation, please PM me
To upgrade from Beta 3:
  1. Download the latest package and upload the contents of the upload/forums folder into your forums directory, replacing ALL files
  2. To use the test function, chmod geek/gaz/test folder to 0777.
  3. Upload the product-gaz.xml file into your product manager making sure that you choose the overwrite option.
There are 2 usergroup permission settings now:
  • Can browse newsletter.php : Allows users to browse active newsletters and issues via newsletter.php
  • Can use 'email a friend' on newsletter.php: Allows users to send a past active issue from the newsletter browser to an email address.
I will be setting GAZ RC1 up on this site and creating nightly issues to send out to the testing team. Please make sure that these issues are correct. I am doing it primarily to test the automated sending system. Note that I can not do anything if your ISP blocks it due to spam filters or if it ends up in your spam folder. Make sure you check both if you are not getting them.

Please do not post bugs in this thread. Post all bugs in the tracker and start new threads for troubleshooting discussions.

If I do not hear from you over the next week, I will assume you are no longer a part of the private testing team and I will remove the license from your manager to give to another person (which I have already done once )

Let's get this baby to gold

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