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Thanks guys.

A couple of questions:

@Milad: Where does the module set id not show up? If you could pm me the entire header of the suspect emial, it would help too!

1- What youre seeing there is verbose output while GAZ builds a snapshot of the newsletter for each style and each language. That is by design though I may gussy it up somewhat
2- Make sure that lands in the tracker please
3- Additional modules will be (relativly) easy to make though I think I will create a poll and/or gars one before I build a gallery one. Maybe we can jazz up some users to make some?
4- That is a SQL premissions error. Check them out as it looks like youre restricted?
5- IIRC its currently hard coded, but will be a setting soon
6- Hmmmm.... Do you mean a simple setting that accepts a comma seperated list of threadids?

Thanks for your time guys
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