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Yup. That was it... Wow, it took a LONG time before it got to the page where you see the actual progress. Just an FYI for anyone else seeing the same problem, the script time out is set in the php.ini file in the Windows directory on a generic install of php running under IIS. Search for "max_execution_time =" in the php.ini file and you should be able to simply update the number there to the number of seconds you want the timeout to be. I'd recommend at *least* 90-120 before running this update, it took a loooong time. But it *did* run flawlessly! And that's what counts...

We'll play with it a bit on the test server and then give it a shot on our live server. Thanks Geek!

[edit]had to update the database anyway so I timed it during the update, the whole process took just over 2 minutes, and don't worry if you're looking a a blank white screen for quite a while, just let it go even if it doesn't look like it's doing anything. It got there... As long as your server lets it run it's course .[/edit]

James and Susan

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