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Default GAZ Private Beta 3 Release Discussion

This release is for the private beta testing team and is primarily aimed at addressing orphaned subscription field database errors from beta 2.

To install, please make sure you totally uninstall beta 2.

If at any time you get a database error for a missing field, run the synchronise subscription fields tool. That will ensure you have no orphaned subscription fields which was causing the previous error.

Please note that this is a private beta and contains known issues. The primary known issues are:

1- Usergroup permissions for browsing old newsletters and sending old newsletters to friends via email is not in place yet.
2- The issue browser does not yet support browsing and emailing old issues to friends if the users browser doesn't support Ajax.
3- There are some phrases that still need to be completed

Note that for testing purposes, I have included some additional settings for you to fill out in your gaz admincp window. These settings will allow you to have the system go through the motion of sending out emails without actually sending anything out. You can specify a directory to write the emails to instead of sending them out. This will allow you to test everything without actually sending an email. I would encourage you to use this facility.

As ever, report bugs in the tracker. If I don't have word from you within the next 7 days, I will assume you are off the testing team

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