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Default GAZ Private Beta 2 Release Discussion

Geek Gazette newsletter manager beta 2 has now been uploaded to the download section for the private beta testing team to download and... er... test

Please note the following:

1- You must totally uninstall the previous version before installing beta 2.
2- You can ditch the external cron job from beta 1... I have included it as a vB cron as Kirby feels this should be fine.
3- Read the readme for latest changes
4- Report bugs in the tracker
5- Discuss features/changes in this forum (not this thread).
6- Discuss the release in general in this thread
7- If there is no word from you as a tester within 7 days, I will assume you have bailed out of the testing team and will replace you (there is a hefty line of people waiting to take your place )

Still to do:

1- A mail class wrapper to be more versatile (i.e. use SMTP and possibly other MIME types). Currently, the system is only using PHP's mail function
2- Some phrasing
3- Finish phpDocing functions
4- Ensure vb coding standards
5- Usergroup restrictions on newsletter.php browser
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