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Default Modifying forumview.php and showthread.php for GARS only?

Okay, this is my predicament:

I want to include my right-menu from vBadvanced, but only on the forums where GARS is enabled.

To include the right menu, I have to include this piece of code in the corresponding php file:

define('VBA_PORTAL', true);
define('VBA_PAGE', 'include');
So for me, when I want to include the right menu on the forumview and showthread, I have to include that code in forumview.php and showthread.php - Problem is, this of course doesn't just include the right menu in the GARS forums, but the rest of the forums as well.

So my question is obviously, is it possible to alter the GARS code so that it will use modified versions of these files, for instance forumviewGARS.php and showthreadGARS.php? Or perhaps an even easier way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

Thanks in advance
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