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yes thats the drawback of inline styles i faced too.
but for the sake of cross email site stability, its unfortunately the only way i could find. case in points:
Link 1 to see
link 2 that reinforces the point

umm i have had success with some style attributes inline on gmail(there is terrible leave one space proble in <td> tags there. I think bg colour and basic attributes would work(umm see the first article.

here is some more food of thought For the image attachments, i think you can try(ofcourse the practicality you can decide) this method. When you make a new template, scan the template for image code img tag and ask the user to upload in next stage the images.(pedestrian approach copied from phplist as usual ) but that way for the lists going out using simple attach classes, the images can be attached in the mail. It will do two things. 1) it will stop a user warning for external images(which many users still think means a spam mail) and 2) it will stop making the mails go to spam itself.
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