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Thanks for taking the time to write this up Milad, it really helps!

Originally Posted by Milad View Post
Installation process:
- As of vB 3.6 you can add the cron job in the XML product file, I didn't like the fact that I had to setup a cron job manually while that can be done via XML file.
There are 2 cron jobs: 1 for the generators, 1 to send out mail. THe generator cron job is done via the install, however I dont link the send cron to vB's system because there is FAR too much processing to do for vB's schedule task system.

There is no other way around this (other than sending the emails out manually which I have made pretty automated too).


- I found my personal email in Reply address setting, and this must be the default one of the forum $vbulletin->options['webmasteremail']

- Style and user information (Style, Userid and User Name): Here it's better to use the own setting for each user, and it's better to send the newsletter from the default email $vbulletin->options['webmasteremail'] not from the admin membership.
Good point - however here is the real crux... if the style is per the users settings... it could potentially be a WHOLE lot of additional processing. I suppose the way to do it would be to pre-parse each potential style (escaping the user specific variables like $user). That would work a little bit better.

- It's better to determine the scheduled time for each newsletter while adding or editing it not via the cron job which have to run to decide if it's the time to generate an issue or not. (I figured out later, this can be set in generators section)
Yes, the vB cron job for running the generator uses the generators time and frequency setting to create new issues. The send cron sends whatever outstanding issues it can find.

Found errors:
- In Generators section, I chosen Preview last HTML issue, then new window popped up with this url
- Also the link for Plain Text preview is[scriptname].php?id=1&txt=1&prev=1
- The previous problems disappeared in newly generated issues, I think it's default data problem.
- In modules section, I receive this warning: Warning: Missing argument 5 for run_mod() in /geek/ gaz /includes/gaz_class_core.php on line 226
- In Plain Text preview, there are HTML code.
- In sending section for an issue I had this error Warning: Missing argument 1 for gaz_class_cron() in /geek/ gaz /includes/gaz_class_cron.php on line 22
- While you add a module to module set, if you set an order, it won't be set, you have to right it in order field and save again.

Sent HTML issue:
- It must have the HTML direction is wrong, it's ltr while my forum is rtl
I had to add a forced setting to make it LTR because the cron was defaulting to RTL (because no user was actually loading it, there was no defualt language direction in vB). I just didnt put the option in to toggle RTL on of off

- I choose not to show replies and views but their fields are still exist as empty fields.
Try a different template style (i.e. simple threadlist instead of threadlist)

Thanks again for your feedback. It helps loads
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