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Sorry for that much post but it's needed, I see too after post a link, it showin all correctly but after a refresh or logout or exit (when I try to delete) and return on the link, it don't show the thub and the www icon, same error above when I try to delete a link, another small issue is the signature, it don't show in a link post (no t in a comment)

I think this is a bug for the new release (this 2.1.6), that problem come out too with articles, reviews, tutorials:

Database error in vBulletin 3.6.5:

Invalid SQL:
UPDATE vb_gars_rating_users set softdeleted=1 WHERE threadid=797;

MySQL Error : Unknown column 'softdeleted' in 'field list'
Error Number : 1054
Date : Monday, March 26th 2007 @ 04:31:32 PM
Script :
Referrer :
IP Address : xxxxxxxxx
Username : Quisaz Haderach
Classname : vb_database
and this now cause the problem on all the forum message without using gars type but as a normal VB forum! Please, it's urgent.. message is the same, help.

By disabling the product via "Product Manager" the deletion posts/threads works fine.

Another issue, I've removed all the new created forums and marked Articles, Reviews, when they are removed (deleted) some deleted Articles previous inside the deleted forums showing anyway in the module articles if I set an existing forum as Article forum or Review Forum, but the link does not exist.
Tried to delete all vbulletin cache and GARS cache, module cache, but nothing to do.

My fear is, hope that don't destroyed my forum database and lost all my forums post and users, settings, ecc..

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