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Default GARS 2.1.6 Release discussion

GARS 2.1.6 is a maintenance release for the 2.1 branch to address open bugs. The primary fix is related to ratings in languages where the decimal place holder is a comma although other small bugs have also been fixed in the process.

To upgrade from a previous version:
  1. Download the latest package from the download section
  2. Unpack and upload the contents of the forums folder into your forums directory (overwriting existing files).
  3. Import the product-gars.xml file into your product manager (choosing the overwrite option)
  4. If you have any GARS add ons (i.e. the release or link directory) then you will need to re-import the add on xml files vie GARS add on importer. Please note that you should choose the option for 'phrases and templates only' when upgrading
  5. Browse to admincp->gars->tools and choose to rebuild custom field phrases
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