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Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
james can you double check your file date? This was an old issue resolved awhile ago. However if you can also provide a tep by step to duplicate ill double check it
PHP Code:
   //  GARS with 1 year updates 2.1.4
   //  Copyright Ã‚©2005-2006 All rights reserved by
   //  Code may not be used in whole or part without written permission.
   //  You may not distribute this or any of files in whole or significant part
   //  without explicit written permission.
   // ---------------- GARS with 1 year updates IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE ----------------
   // Licensed to
   // Downloaded: Thursday 01st of February 2007
   // File Last Modified: January 08 2007 19:01:14. 
It's simple enough to duplicate. I added a Thumbnail To URL custom field called article source that I use to give credit to the news publishing service that I am getting news items from.

Every time I create or save the article, the url gets saved in the database as http://http://url

As I said, I'm pulling the extra http:// out of the database at the moment as a workaround.

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