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Exclamation Ads are not pulling correctly

Hey Geek,

I've had some issues with the ads not pulling where it suppose to. This is what I've done:

1) Admincp=> GAB Manager=>Add New=>Title=>Category=>GAB_banner_type=>Uploaded Banners=>Active and set the expiration dates.

2) Billboards=>Add New (I put in the title footer, selected no wrapper and put randomly select) Entered type of ad *Adsense* Number of ads is set to 1 and then entered "Selected Category" "Footer"

3) I repeated the steps from the above but, entered this time "Image footer ad"

4) Admincp=>Scripts=>Master=>$GAB_ads[1]=>footer

Copied the code and added that to the footer

My problem is I have a header which $GAB_ads[0] is pulling on the bottom footer and sitting on top of the adsense footer banner . How can I fix this? I've set everything in the Master Script correctly and the billboards.

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