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Thank you Geek and Tigratus.

I think its really important to update the Tutorials etc because these basic issues are not obvious and cause more question asking about things that should be very clear at the outset. That clutters up your forum and gives you more moderation work. Here is what Waltercat sent me which was very helpful:

The settings section assigns a GARS type to a specific forum.
The Type is the type of GARS forums you are creating. That is the main section where you assign ratings, modules, custom fields etc.
The modules section allows you to configure how you want your modules to look.
The ratings section allows you to create different sets of ratings.
The custom fields section allows you to create custom fields.

As you mentioned its also key that people underatdn that GARS affects only forum post screens.

Thanks again, and by the way Tigratus I am in New York
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