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Default Mythotical joins The Geek for GeekMart

About 6 months (or more) ago, I pulled GeekMart off the helves for the simple reason that I had too much on my plate to support and develop GARS, GAL , GAB and GeekMart . Therefore instead of simply selling GM and giving crappy support, I yanked it off the helves.

Funnily enough, instead of saving me time I ended up spending more time dealing with PM's where vB admins were practically begging me to let them still buy it on the side! Well, I finally decided to look for some talent to help me out in this area!

I am proud to announce that Mythotical has joined the GeekMart development team to blow the dust back off the project and get it pushed to release. Mythotical has been a member of the site and a user of the projects here for some time and has done extensive GeekMart installations and modifications so we are lucky to have his enthusiasm and experience on board.

So when can you buy it again? When will a new release be out? Can you suggest new features?

We are currently establishing where GeekMart is at and what needs to happen in order for GeekMart to make it to gold. Once we can establish that, we will make it available for purchase while we push it to gold.

We are eager to hear your suggestions on GeekMart , but please remember that GM is feature set. Our goal is to complete GM in its current inception and then take a broad look at it to see where its future will take us.

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