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custom fields can be used for anything you want really, heres what I used them for.

I created an articles area on my forums, with the following custom fields.

1. How easy - drop down menu with 5 different difficulties.
2. Time take - drop down menu with 5 different times.
3. Tools required - a text field allowing ppl to enter what tools are needed.
4. References - text field allowing them to place links to websites where you can buy the parts, or even link to other threads
5. Key words - this was supposed to allow for easier searching but custom fields are not searchable, so I just copy the keywords into article each time a new ones been made.

these custom fields were set to show at "Below Header" allowing each article to have the same feel to it as the next. Previously people would just make up their own headers (tools required, time taken) they used different colours, and fonts - it could be quite messy sometimes.. this way allows me to control the main page, allowing a nice streamline affair.

Well, that's what I used them for.
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