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Default Clarification:

We're trying to add a module to display a paypal "Buy it Now" button. We'll get more sophisticated another day but for right now we've setup a GARS forum to display the handful of items we're offering for sale (Ironically, we have a full blown shopping cart system, VPASP, but integrating it is just too much trouble and our site no longer supports ASP anyway). Basically we've got everything else setup in the GARS sets... And we just need to add the paypal botton html to a module so that it can be added.

We tried just adding the paypal button in the body of the post with HTML turned for this forum in the ACP and it wouldn't parse the html. We thought we might beable to sidestep that by adding it as a module, hence what we're trying to do here.

I *did* find the right folder to drop in the module file if we can figure out how to wrap the php around the html right, for anyone else looking it's:



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