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Default Onine community in Portuguese: VB + CMS

I need to hire someone to create an community in Portuguese using forum software (VBulletin?) and a CMS (XOOPS?). This community already exists online and we will move the users to the new platform. The complicated aspects are:
  • The CMS needs to integrate with the authentication of VB so that there is only one login or login screen
  • Some parts of the VB display/functionality need to be moved onto different pages or sections for usability purposes
  • Surgery needs to be done to the templates so that the whole thing appears like one site with our design
  • Both Platforms need to support UTF-8

The CMS is being used to accomplish things that VB cant (like advertising placement, classifieds, and other content, widgets, and mashups. I have a functional spec which I can pass to interested people......Sim voces....nao faz sentido criando um site para Brasileiros com gente que nao fala Portuguese, ne? Entao me ligue se voce tem o conhecimento assim:

Ideal developer profile:
Skilled in
  • general and Unix networking
  • working with various ip protocols
  • configuration, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrading software and packages on Unix/Linux, specifically with PHP and MySql
  • administration for databases, VBulletin, content management systems, and any experience with Wiki is a bonus
    Must have completed numerous integrations of PHP applications that include VBulletin and a content management system

Contact me for a functional spec
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