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Default GAL 5.0 Beta 4 Release Discussion

This thread relates to the release of GAL 5.0 Beta 4 and contains important installing, upgrading and configuration information. Please read the thread before installing, upgrading or configuring.

*Edit - read for an important announcement regarding GAL

It is important to note that this is a Beta product which means that it is an unstable release. Use with caution before implimenting on a live site.

Please do not use this thread to report bugs, use the bug tracker so I can make sure I address them.

Sice Beta 3:
  • I have fixed many bugs
  • I have introduced 2 new category settings: X and Y offset. These help to offset the popup according to their values (which can be positive or negative values).
  • I have introduced a new global setting called 'Decay'. This is the amount of ticks that will take place before the natural close of a popup. This prevents most 'flickering' while moving your mouse over links. It is best to play around with this figure to get the best results as it corresponds to your other settings. Here, the setting is 1000. Note that this setting is only applied to Follow and hover popups.
Stuff still to do:
  • Statistic reporter. GAL is still recording the stats, but there is no way to view them yet.
  • Extend usage for non post pages. This functionality is in there, but I am working on a new API for this.
  • Modeation qeue. I am working on a better way to see all items in moderation qeue.
Installation and upgrade:
  • Upload all files from upload folder of the the Beta 4 package (choosing to overwrite existing files) to your forum directory.
  • Make sure that geek/gal/images is chmodded to 0777 for uploading of images.
  • Import the product xml into vBulletins product importer (choosing to overwrite existing installation if upgrading).
  • Edit each cateogry and make sure you have the forums ticked that you want GAL to use.
  • Edit your settings and make sure everything is accurate in there. As an FYI, I am using the following popup settings here (but change as you feel is appropriate):
    • Open Steps: 5
    • Tick Count: 10
    • Tick Steps: 10
    • Decay: 1000
Make sure that you also tick the showthread page setting at the bottom of your settings page. Otherwise GAL will not work on showthread pages.

Please note that GAL will cache your quickpost posts - but will not show the results after the AJAX update. This is a limitation with the ajax display (you cant hook into it).


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