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Default Just Bought GAB.. need some serious help

I managed to add adsense into a banner , named the category "adsense", and then went to master script and placed $GAB_ads[0] into "adsense".

By adding $GAB_ads[0] into my header, I was able to get the adsense banner for my header.

However, I have serious issues trying to add other banners for $GAB_ads[1], $GAB_ads[2], etc...

Can I get some help on how to sort this out? I tried adding a new banner into a seperate category called "Adsense skyscraper". Then I went to masterscript and made $GAB_ads[1] to "Adsense skyscraper". However when I place $GAB_ads[1] into a new template I created for a vbadvanced module, the adsenes banner will not appear.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
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