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Default GARS 2.1.3 Release Discussion


GARS 2.1.3 is out in the download are for active license holders. This release is a maintenece release to address all known issues with GARS. Please read this thread carefully as it contains important information for upgrading.

This release is primarily to address all known issues currently open with GARS. Primarily they are:
  • Filter option not working in Firefox.
  • Ratings rebuilding doesnt take into account threads where author/members havent rated yet.
  • Fixed a hard coded phrase
  • er...
  • I swear there are other things but thats all that comes to mind now. THIS IS WHY IT SO FREAKING IMPORTANT TO USE THE BUG TRACKER PEOPLE!!!
I have also added a new feature in the toc module. The toc module will now let the user enter a title for their first page. To enable this option, edit your TOC module in your module set and select the 'yes' option (you should be able to figure out which one ).

As usual, when upgrading please keep in mind:
  1. vB will wipe out your custom phrases. Translations should be exported before upgrading.
  2. vB will wipe out your add on phrases and templates so make sure you re-import your GARS add ons (i.e. the link directory and release system) after you upgrade. Make sure that you select the 'phrases and templates only' option.
Let me stress this again: PLEASE USE THE BUG TRACKER FOR POSTING BUGS. This way I can make sure I take care of them!!! Use this thread to discuss the release. Post bugs in the tracker and new threads for troubleshooting.

Merry x-mas all!
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