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Default Want to go for GAB, experience user - HELP NEED

Dear all,

I want to go for GAB although there are plenty of hacks available for displaying banner but I just want to know from the GAB user that
  1. Are you comfortable with GAB?
  2. What difference you found between commercial GAB and hacks available in the sites like
  3. What is your experience with the Google Ads?

Since this is still in the pre-release

GAB is a Pre-Release and not considered to be a complete and stable release. This version is for testers, or those already experienced with GAB (or those experienced with vB and php).
As I wanted to test this hack long back but its been more than a year there is no update at all so I just wanted to know from Mr. Geek are you really coming out with its although you have started discussion on GAB RC3b.

And Mr. Geek being your loyal costumer I just wanted to know that what is the main difference between GAB and the hacks in available for displaying banners.

Thanks in advance.
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