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Originally Posted by The Geek
You could make copys of the files themselves and tweak them to do that. You would only need to tweak the one in the display folder.

Thanks Geek

Ok, that's what I tried before. My confusion came in the tweaking. I'm guessing the changes would need to be made somewhere in the code below. Is that right?

PHP Code:
$custom_top_based = array('1'=>$vbphrase['GARS_top_read'], '2'=> $vbphrase['GARS_top_active'], '3'=> $vbphrase['GARS_top_latest']);

        switch (
$phrase $vbphrase['GARS_top_read_x'];
$phrase $vbphrase['GARS_top_active_x'];
$phrase $vbphrase['GARS_top_latest_x']; 
Could you just tell me the phrases I would need to change. Is it the the 'GARS_top_read' or the 'GARS_top_read_x' or both of those... and also, if I change the phrase, would I then need to go and manually set up a new phrase in the vB CP?

Thanks for any advice.

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