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The way that it is currently set up should not be rotating. RIght now, you have 1 billboard, although it is set up in 3 places in your title template (the $GAB_ads[2] shouldnt be producing any results).
Also, your tampa moto one wont appear as it isnt active.

What you want to do is look at setting up a billboard for each ad space. If you want one in the header and one in the footer, that is 2 billboards you need.
If you want one of the billboards to show 2 ads side by side, then edit that billboard and add another ad to it. If you want them to rotate between 2 ads, set the billboard up to have only 1 ad (as it does now) and set the number to 2 (or 3 or whatever).

Once you have your billboards configured, edit the master script and assign them to the $GAB_ads section.

Hope this helps!
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