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Default some questions about gars and gals

1- what is the section " automatic link options" in the new article writing page in gars. there are two options for it. one is keywords the second is description. is this related with gal ?

2-how is the gal working . only admin can set gal 's in admincp?

3-i created a new article and setted some keywords for it and write a description for it in the auto link option area. then go to a forum where gal is avaible. then write a message which includes one of these keywords and gal worked for it make an auto link for it and the url is like that
i am clicking it but the new page gives me "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error. what is this error . what is this link normally for? to bring you the article of the keyword? if yes the url is not working :/ why?
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