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Default Problem with ad display

Hi Geek,

I've started having problems with the ads. They seem to display incorrectly on occasion. You can see what I mean in the attached picture.

Basically I have 5 billboards setup in my navlink and footer templates like so:

<table width="100%">

The [0] array is the one that i have set to only display in a particular forum.

I have 5 of the billboards [5]-[9] set to display only one ad each. Four of them have 2 banners setup to rotate. It would seem that in one of the billboards both ads show up at the same time on occasion causing the problem. The ads are the '' and ''.

You can see the problem yourself at If the problem doesnt happen right away just hit refresh a couple times and you're sure to see it.

Any idea what can be causing this and how I can fix it?


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