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The only thing I can think of off hand is the ability to link directly to the site from the thread display. I know you can do this by clicking on the image of the site right now, but for those of us who do not use those thumb graphics, it would be nice to have a text option. Even allowing us to assign custom fields to the thread display, like we can with the thread view would work. That way we could drop any field we want in there.

Please note I am not suggesting the vba links directory way of doing things where you click on the title of the thread and it give you a dropdown. For non-savvy users that can get confusing. However, other people may find that very useful.

One more thing, and I know this is a pipe dream for 2.0... Searchability over custom fields. I know you haven't begun to explore this aspect of GARS, but in order for a directory with substantial listings to be useful, users need to be able to search it effectively. Forum browsing only goes so far. If you have a listing that falls under 2 forums, then you begin to run into problems. Keywording and searching GARS would be a huge bonus.

Making GARS searchable may be too difficult now, but making a module for extra threadfields 1.6 is probably possible.

Heck, I'd pay extra for something like this.

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