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Default Advice on upgrades/installation

Quickie question requesting a bit of advice

I've installed RC2 on my test server running 3.54, got it virtually how I want (except I wanna create my own header images) and everything seems to be working correctly.

I thought I'd have a lot of grief getting things working, but quite the opposite so I'm thinking about installing GARS on my live board (running 3.54)
I did read that it works with 3.6 but also another thread says about waiting for RC3 [unless I misread it]

Did anyone install GARS RC2 on vB3.54 then upgrade their board to vB3.6RC2 and if so did it work ok, or did you have to redo stuff.

I'm just not sure whether its better for me to wait until vB goes gold and THEN install GARS {either RC2 or RC3 depending on what is recommended) or whether its ok for me to install now. How difficult basically would it be to then do the upgrades and would I end up having to redo many steps or recreate posts.

I'd welcome any advice, I'm a novice with GARS, am OK with VB upgrades, and can install hacks with basic idiot guide instructions, but that is the limit to my experience, so I really would welcome opinion.

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