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Originally Posted by The Geek
Id love to see Ebay take me on beacuse of that. Thatwould alost be as funny as thar canadian kid taken to court by Microsoft - what was the site? They seriously couldnt go after me for something like that could they? ust because I make an auction script and have bay in the name?

hmmm. Must seek council
Microsoft lost their case because the teen's legal name was "Mike Rowe" and, while I forget the wording used in the judgement, the essential item was that the legal name trumped Microsoft's claim. In the case of "GeekBay" versus "eBay" though, unless you can prove that "Bay" is a generic term used for auctions you'd have a tough time convincing a court that "GeekBay" isn't an intentional derivative of the "eBay" name.
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