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Rich 08-28-2005 01:04 PM

[not planned]Output

This article system is great, but I have a suggestion that would improve it ten fold. Could you have the output page displayed as an htm or html file? Why would this be good? As most know, spiders prefer html. I know php is outputted as html, but I am referring to the extension. It woul be like an SEO. If the articles,tuts,etc. are outputed as html, it would be incredibly easy to create a sitemap, and get all of them indexed.

It would also be nice if we could use meta tags and titles in each article individually. I currently have a template I am using on my 3.5 RC2 that I upload with each new article submitted. It takes me all of 5 minutes, uses VB phrases and calls, but is 100% html. It uses the JS that vb came with, as well as my js for images in a pop up.

Adding articles with this system is great, I have the articles system from on my sites, but use my method on 3.5. My articles and tutorials are the entire basis for this new site, so I want them indexed thoroughly for the search engines which is why the template was created. Each article is uploaded individually to the server....manually. BUT, it does and allows everything I listed as a suggestion. It also uses userperms, since the listing of articles is only available to logged in members. Also, the article listing page is a vb page, so it too uses perms.

If a page is located via search engines, it can be read without the perms (for now) but that would be the only one they could read. To view the others, or see the listing, they need to log in.

Could this be done?

The Geek 08-28-2005 01:09 PM

Wouldnt a mod rewrite do the trick? I really dont think that it can be called as html and be processed with php. REgardless - this sites on top of show thread. It would almost require its own seperate ext page to do something like that :(

Rich 08-28-2005 01:12 PM


There are SEO modifications out there that output pages as html opposed to php. Wouln't it be possible to integrate that technology into this system doing the same thing? For example, look at the sitemaps on They have everything listed as html. Wouldn't it be the same as creating that listing?

The Geek 08-28-2005 01:14 PM

Im pretty sure those are just mod rewrites. Ive never implimented one so I cant really comment (though I would love to). Since the mod rewrite is at server level and would affect ALL your pages (showthread and forumdisplay) then I see it as a seperate system (one I know very little about).

There are literal packages you can get to install these. there are a few on I was beta testing one - but that was awhile ago and I couldnt get it to work :(

Let me know if you find anything cool.

Rich 08-28-2005 01:22 PM


I am not good with php (yet) so I am not certain how everything is handled. But I was thinking that you could incorporate a conditional to those listed as articles, tutorials, etc. and use an if condition to call on the alternate output for that condition?

That would limit the output from effecting all pages. Like i said, I am not up to par on php like I am with html, so i am just running things off of the top of my hind. As you will notice, if you haven't already, I am a ball of ideas. lol

The Geek 08-28-2005 01:29 PM

All outputis HTML - however if the page has a .php extension - then apache will parse and run it through php - if it has an html extension - it doesnt run it through the php engine. Therefore it would be impossible to make a php page have an html extension.
A mod re-write changes the url while still running everything else as normal. For example, a mod rewrite would translate into

Which is VERY search engine friendly. However a pphp page on its own couldnt really do that to my knowledge.

Rich 08-28-2005 01:37 PM


On its own, I don't think it could either. What if it were processed through another page that stripped the outsourced page of php, which displays JUST the HTML that the PHP would be displaying anyways, but changes the extension to HTML....or saves a NEW page, with that info, as HTML? That would still allow for easy sitemap creation, and search engine listings. Sorry if I sound redundant. I sometimes have a hard time writing what I am thinking.

The Geek 08-28-2005 04:43 PM

No problem :)

What is output is pure HTML. PHP is not a markup language and can not display anything in its ownright. For instance, this page is all PURE html but generated by a php page. In other words - you can think of it as: PHP makes HTML. HTML can not make php.

In essence - there is no real way to accomplish what you are trying to do without the HTML page being generated and saved every time. Think of a standard forum with 1,00's of threads. That would be 1,000's of pages a new one being made each time a new thread is started.

In a nutshell - you want a mod rewrite ;)

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