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Aceman 11-29-2005 08:02 PM

Geeker Issue?
I couldn't find a forum for this topic so I'm putting it here. I apologize if it's in the wrong location.

I downloaded Geeker and installed it.

In admincp -> Geeker System -> Settings:

1. Where is says "Scriptname" what goes in that field?
2. When I click save it says, "Could not find phrase 'saved'."

In admincp -> Geeker System -> Categories -> add a cat:

1. Does "Ordinal" indicated the number to order cats?

In admincp -> Geeker System -> Manage:

1. It's completely blank.

Did I mess up?


The Geek 11-29-2005 08:06 PM

Hey Aceman,

Scriptname is the name of the geeker.php script. If you rename geeker.php to downloads.php then the scriptname becomes downloads (if that makes sense!)

Dont stress abount the missing phrase. Its an annoyance ill get to ;)

Ordinal = order.

Dont worry about the manage thing. I thought I removed that.


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