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sergio00 10-29-2010 10:36 AM

Track Clickthroughs - HTML problem

I have a problem.
I have a HTML banner in my GAB. I set the banner type as html (I read the instructions ). Them I put a "Destination URL" for example

The problem is that when I put "Template for html/text ad" like GAB_item_html and "Track Clickthroughs" yes to be tracked and I click on the html banner, a broken link appears

I tryed different options and no work. The target of my banner work becouse I put, to test.

I give you the code of my simple html banner


<table width="100%" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
          <td width="3%"><div align="left"><img src="" border="0"></div></td>
          <td width="57%" background="">&nbsp;</td>
          <td width="38%" background=""><div align="right"><img src="" height="80" border="0" align="middle"></div></td>
          <td width="2%" background="">&nbsp;</td>

My site banner is here

( I have GAB licence ).

Best regards for the support


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