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mreyes 09-02-2008 01:17 AM

New Install - Need some advice regarding filters
Hello all,

I have just purchased and installed GARS, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at how simple it has been to set things up. However I have encountered an issue that I am hoping are down to my inexperience and not something else. So could anybody cast an eye over the following:

If you add two filters (filter.php) to forumdisplay when you select one the other combobox deselects on the refresh. In addition to this other odd things happen such as the title to display not be shown correctly or the "Vertical" setting not being respected. As an example, on the following page:

The "Review Filter" box on the right, has two filters (Type & Manufacturer), however "Type" is the only display title shown and this is displayed above the "Manufacturer" drop down. You can also see the deselection problem here as well.

After some hunting around I did find this:

However it is from a year ago so there is no harm in checking if a solution has been found.

Morgan 09-02-2008 02:23 PM

Correct, there can be only one filter and only of the forumdisplay page.

mreyes 09-02-2008 04:45 PM

Thanks for the reply

Interestingly I have found an alternative solution (ish) it is possible to add two separate filter modules and these seem to work correctly.

Unfortunately you can't use the two filters at the same time, however half way there is better than not there at all :)

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