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Tigratrus 08-28-2008 06:59 PM

How to show GAB ads in Photoplog *without* using CMPS?
We've removed CMPS from our system now that we've got Joomla! up and running as the homepage and CMS for our site, but Now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how to get GAB ads showing in Photoplog pages, since this_script can't be used?

Any advice from the oracle?

Pretty please?

James and Susan

Tigratrus 08-29-2008 05:01 AM

We're currently trying to get the GAB ads to show up in which is a left/right column system with a lot less overhead than CMPS. Unfortunately GAB ads don't show up? I'm guessing we might need something in a global_start hook to make the gab_ads a global variable?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

James and Susan

Morgan 08-29-2008 04:08 PM

1: See this and this, the latter of which would get GAB_ads instead.

2: Not familiar with that add-on but $GAB_ads is set at the global_start hook. Using global $GAB_ads; is for inside functions because of scope. Guessing here, but you'd need to either set the execution order on the GAB global_start plugin so that it runs before the global_start plugin of that add-on, if there is one, or look through the add-on's code and see if you need to global the $GAB_ads variable.

Tigratrus 08-29-2008 06:13 PM

Thanks Morgan!

Great info as always. Tweaking the execution order of the GAB global_start hook did the trick perfectly.

::thumbs up::

James and Susan

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