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wouter 08-25-2008 02:55 PM

problem cosumize mail html

I try to costumize the layout of the newsletter. But i think i do something wrong. For testing of my changes are working i have empty
- gaz_html_header
- gaz_html_headerinclude
- gaz_html_main
- gaz_html_navbar

Normaly i think when i check newsletter.php or recieve a mail there will be change somethings in the layout. But nothing change ? Not in de email i recieve or www.domain.tld/newsletter.php

What do i wrong ??

I only need to change the mail layout...

wouter 08-26-2008 11:22 AM

I dind't know that i have to rebuild the templates every time i make a change. So that was why nothing happens when i make a change.

A other qeustion that i have is there some documentation how i can make my own module ? Because i want to make a module that i can insert the last x new topics form mt site (other db as forum use)

Morgan 08-26-2008 03:43 PM

1: After you edit the GAZ templates, go to the ACP -> GAZ -> Issues -> click the issue you want to change -> tick either the 'Refresh Layout' box or the 'Generate new data' box -> Save and then use the 'Preview Issue' links.

2: GAZ comes with four default modules, described here. If you want to add other modules, you would need to know PHP, understand the code of the default modules, and be familiar with the vB tables so you could code a module that pulls the information you want from the vB tables and displays the information on screen, while being in a format like the default modules so GAZ understands the new module. There is no tutorial for making GAZ modules but it is similar to making GARS modules.

wouter 08-26-2008 11:03 PM

Tanks, I will check if i understand how the default modules are made (i know PHP but not a realy expert).

I have only 1 qeustion now.
When i Make a new newsletter and i dont set Next generation date, Frequency from Start Date, costum Frequency and no by generate cron. Then the system send only the newsletter when i creat a new isseu en click on send ? And not every x time ?

Morgan 08-29-2008 03:13 PM

Go to the ACP -> GAZ -> Newsletters -> click a newsletter link and make sure the following are set to yes:
  • Active
  • Issue active after generation
  • Cron generate

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