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Loco 07-03-2008 04:42 AM

why did you delete my thread??
why do you even have the forum up if you're not going to give support and you just delete threads that are to hard for you to figure out!! :mad:

this is the thread I'm talking about,, asking how to fix the damn alignment for GAZ...


you should just close this forum,, it's nice how you are around to take our money, but not to support..

and before anyone jumps down my neck.. I know the situation for the forum and Sam...

At least he would try to help out.. This is retarded.!!!

if you can't tell.. I'm not a happy camper..
I'll never suggest thevbgeek's hacks again, which truly is a shame :(

Morgan 07-03-2008 05:01 AM

It was all a big conspiracy to avoid answering your question. Shame, shame, shame. :rolleyes:

Now the real answer...

Project tools was turned off in January 2008. There was an announcement about it, asking people to create threads in the appropriate forums for support. When this site was upgraded to vB 3.7, in June 2008, miscellaneous add-ons including project tools were removed from this site. Be POed if you want, but you had five some months to raise support questions in threads, and if you peruse the forums, you will see that support is fine and dandy.

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