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Tigratrus 03-20-2008 03:11 PM

Ads not showing in CMPS module?
I went to the ACP GAB Manager -> Scripts -> adv_index and set the ad block(to GAB_ads[0]), and then added $GAB_ads[0] to the vBa template. I've got a banner that shows up fine in the vB header, (simple text, just for testing), but it refuses to show up in any cmps modules. Is there anything we need to do? There was an old reference to setting GAB_ads in global output, but it wasn't clear what steps were involved or where that setting exists?

Given that it was a couple years ago, it's likely no longer valid, but there seems to be *something* that is keeping the GAB banner from being rendered at all in a CMPS module...

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

James and Susan

Morgan 03-20-2008 03:52 PM

Sounds like a scope issue. Try adding global $GAB_ads; near the top of the PHP code for the vBa CMPS module.

Tigratrus 03-20-2008 04:27 PM

Thanks Morgan! That started me down the right path...
For anyone else trying to do the same thing here's how I fixed it:

1. Open vba_cmps_include_top.php which should be located in your forums/includes directory.
2. Find the lines

// ##### Function to Print The Page Out #######################################
function print_portal_output(&$home, $nonindex = false, $from_print_output = false)

and add a new line under them


        global $GAB_ads;

This fix works for CMPS 3.0 RC2 (though the concept/requirement is probably common to more CMPS versions), and is specifically needed if you are using CMPS Template modules and you want to have GAB banners show up in the module.

One more problem down...

::Snoopy's happy dance::

James and Susan

Tigratrus 05-22-2008 02:56 AM

Have a follow-up to this. We just noticed that GAB adds aren't showing up in several parts of the site, Blogs(vBlogetin), and ironically, Photoplog? I've got CMPS itself showing up in Photoplog pages by adding


define('VBA_PORTAL', true);
define('VBA_PAGE', 'galleries');

at the top of the relevant php files, but the ads don't show up? I tried adding the scope statement as above, but no luck. I was thinking that maybe the plog scripts need to be added in the GAB scripts section but when I went and looked at it the photoplog index.php has:

Any words of wisdom from the oracle on how to get GAB ads showing up in the CMPS modules in Photoplog?

James and Susan

Morgan 05-22-2008 01:26 PM

Untested but see this for PhotoPlog's THIS_SCRIPT value, and you need to add GAB_ads to the PhotoPlog ACP Global Variables setting as described here for other modifications. Not sure about CMPS modules in Photoplog or vBlogetin.

Tigratrus 05-29-2008 02:19 AM

Sorry for the slow response on this, we've been busy with other things (taking a 6 year old in for a biopsy will do that to ya :-( ), but I finally had a chance to sit down and make the changes above and it's working perfectly.

This is why we love you Morgan, great support that just plain *works*.

::raises a virtual glass::

Our ad impressions stats thank you!

James and Susan

Morgan 05-29-2008 02:14 PM

Biopsy and 6-year old should not be in the same sentence. Sorry to hear about that. Hope everything turns out okay.

Tigratrus 05-29-2008 02:35 PM

I couldn't agree more, and thanks.

I won't go into inappropriate details, but the initial results are consistent with something benign, and we should have a definitive answer Monday. Despite this being the second time around, it doesn't *appear* to be any of the things we've been dreading, so we're focusing on optimism. It does have a way of eating up all our copious "free time" reseraching posiibilities though.

Anyway, didn't mean to digress, but I did want to let you (and anyone else doing the same thing) know that the above changes worked perfectly for the GAB banners in 'Plog (and other mods for that matter). It's so nice when changes are this quick and effective :) Thanks!

James and Susan

LincolnForums 08-01-2008 08:41 PM

Anyone have an idea of how to get this to work with vB Dynamics?

I tried adding global $GAB_ads; in to the pages, but that didnt seem to work to well, tried using a plugin but i dont have a clue of what im doing there.

I tried visiting the photoplog site to see if that could hed some light or a few hints but i dont have photoplog to view it, so any help from here would be appreciated.


LincolnForums 08-01-2008 08:53 PM

literally 34 seconds after posting this a stroke of genius struck me.

Simply add the dyna_index , dyna_browsecategory, and dyna_showentry into the SCRIPTS section of GAB in the admincp

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