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gldtn 10-24-2005 11:04 AM

GAB on vBAdvanced CMPS
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Hello GAB users,

It took me a while to figure out why my GAB system was not functioning under the vBadvanced CMPS portal system. So in order to prevent everyone else from those annoying headaches I taught it would be a good idea to show everyone else how to do this properly.

Ok! lets get started.

vBa CMPS Settings:
1. Point your browser to[/url] and login into it
Scroll down to vBa CMPS menu and open it up
2. Click on Default Settings
3. Scroll down to the Options settings and look for Portal Output Global Variables
4. On the field to the right add GAB_ads
5. Scroll down and click save

GAB Settings:
1. Go to GAB Manager » Settings
2. Set the Relative UL path to banners folder( geek/gab/images/ ? - note no leading slash!!!) to the FULL URL I.E

And guess what?

Yes! Your done.

Oops I guess I lied..
  • "..ensure that each category has adv_index ticked." - Geek
  • Point to your vBadvanced CMPS page and make sure it's showing up
Nooww your done ;)

known issues :
If CMPS is in a different directory than forum directory It directs you to an 404 page.


COBRAws 11-07-2005 04:35 AM

I spent around 40 minutos trying to know how to make it work in vBa. hhhe thanks man

gldtn 11-19-2005 12:53 AM

Updated Added one more step, cause only the wrapper was showing up on CMPS.

gldtn 11-20-2005 02:49 AM

Updated: It now needs file edit in order to redirect to work..

I need to upload a *.php file but it's a invalid file..

Invalid File

The Geek 11-20-2005 07:51 AM

Why does a gab file need an edit? There shouldnt need to be an edit to that file? Plus I would cringe to see one of my scripts posted ;P

gldtn 11-20-2005 08:01 AM

The only way I got gab to redirect correctly under CMPS(outside from forum dir.) to work was by adding a variable to gab_class_core.php:

Under this code:

$sql=" SELECT,ad.url, ad.img imgpath,c.track_views, c.track_hits, ad.max_views, ad.width, ad.height, ad.views, ad.template, ad.frequency,
                                        c.template cat_template
                                        FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "GAB_ads ad
                                        INNER JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "GAB_cats c ON
                                        WHERE ad.isactive = 1 AND ((ad.startdate<1) or (ad.startdate<" . TIMENOW . ")) and ((ad.enddate<1) or (ad.enddate>" . TIMENOW . "))
                                        $forumsx $adtype
                                        AND c.scripts like '%," . $scriptname . ",%' $limitids ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $bannercount ";
                                    //echo($sql); exit;

I Added:

And Changed:

$gab_urls.="'./" . $this->settings['redirectpage'] . "?id=$ad[id]&amp;$redirect_url',";
To this:

$gab_urls.="'$redirectpg" . $this->settings['redirectpage'] . "?id=$ad[id]&amp;$redirect_url',";
These changes were necessary in order to call gab_redirect.php correctly due to the ./ dir you set in the code and users were unable to set where gab_redirect.php resides on the server(full dir).

Makes sense?

Perhaps you can add this as an default?

Thanks ;)

The Geek 11-20-2005 08:13 AM

Ok, I see what youre saying. You mean that if its OUTSIDE the forum directory, you get a 401 error? Ill sort that!

I was starting to set it back up here today however I now have to run - having a party today and the Wife is giving me evils :P

gldtn 11-20-2005 08:22 AM

;) Thats exactly it!

Ok will be waiting for the fix.. will also take the edit file part from tutorial.

Have fun at the party!

dongdong 11-27-2005 09:17 PM

dont work for me in vba portal with this tut :(

any help?

gldtn 11-29-2005 04:05 PM

Getting any errors?

Is navbar enabled in vBaCMPS? If not you'll need to add $GAB_ads[x] to you adv_portal main template.

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