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Tigratrus 06-21-2007 09:44 PM

Invalid Style and language cache item after upgrading to Gold
Question posted by my other half in the GAZ Gold Release thread:

Originally Posted by Tigratrus (Post 20175)
Ran all the ACP -> GAZ -> Tools options and still getting:

Invalid Style and language cache item. You should rebuild your layout cache via admincp->tool->rebuild all layouts

Re-uploaded all files twice. and re-ran the xml inport, than re-ran the Tools, no joy... Any suggestions?

James and Susan

The Geek, who graciously overlooked posting troubleshooting within the release thread:

Originally Posted by The Geek (Post 20176)
Start a new thread and let me know:
1- Is this when viewing an existing issue or when generating a new one
2- Does this error occur with new and/or existing issues
3- Did you ever see this during the beta stage? (I havent ever seen a report on it)

As you know, we have a split personality. I (Susan) have been doing all the beta testing on my computer, but he (James) has done all the upgrades on his machine. In beta I saw this error once, but was unable to replicate it, so never reported it. I believe that the error occurred after upgrading from RC3 to RC4 when attempting to view an existing issue. Generating a new issue resolved the problem and I never saw it again.

Here's the totally bizarre part: Regarding today's error - on my machine, I am not seeing this problem AT ALL. I've previewed the html on existing issues, done a hard refresh, checked it in both IE and Firefox and I don't see this error. Then, I sat down at his machine and generated a new issue - got the same error there, then came back to my machine, previewed the html and I get a perfectly formed new issue in both IE and Firefox. Again, all old issues are fine. I will create a new newsletter a bit later on his machine and let you know the results, but it won't be for a few hours.

Here's the URL for the new issue generated today - and here's a URL for an existing issue. What do you see?

We're PMing you admin access info now just in case since we'll be out for a bit. I hope that's enough info to get started.

Susan and James

The Geek 06-21-2007 10:27 PM

THey look the same to me excpet for the infoblock bit. Have you tried rebuilding the data?

Tigratrus 06-22-2007 01:00 AM

This is really weird. Susan can't make the error happen on him machine at all. I get it on my machine on Firefox, but not on IE, and I just tried using IE 6 on our testing server, connecting to a newsletter on the the live site: and I DO get the error. This is on a newly generated issue. ::baffled look::

James and Susan

The Geek 06-22-2007 06:54 AM

That error indicates that the style and/or languageid doesnt have a matching cached item to display.

The only tome something like that should happen is if you are browsing an old newsletter on a style (or language) that was added AFTER the newsletter was generated. SImply refreshing the layout or rebuilding the data should sort that out.

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