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gldtn 10-19-2005 04:01 PM

[fixed] - Config Inc File
Hello geek,

I just installed GAB and found that under ./admincp/GAB_admin.php you are calling a file "require_once('./geek/gab/includes/gab_class_admin.php');"
and under ./geek/includes/gab_class_admin.php you are calling a file "require_once('./geek/gab/includes/gab_class_core.php');".

Maybe a file would take care of this issue by allowing us to changing the name or location of the geek directory.

Note: the /geek/gab/ directory does not exist on the arquive that I downloaded from here. although /geek/includes/ directory are included.

Have a nice day everyone :D

The Geek 10-19-2005 04:50 PM

that was me being a doofus. I just updated the package. Basically the images and includes folder in the geek folder should be in a folder called gab in the geek folder.

In other words, instead of the geek folder structure looking like:

It should look like:


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