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venon 01-28-2007 08:36 AM

questions before buy.
I need a way I can place more than one banner like 6 banners on top of my navlinks or under my navlinks in 2 or 3 columns.

can this be done easy with your product?

I know I can do this manually but is a pain to center banners some time and changing codes every month so I need something that I can use to manage banners more easy .

also can I use flash banners?
would I have power where banner will show ?


The Geek 01-29-2007 04:48 PM

Hi Venon,

Yes you can place multiple ads in a billboard and place the billboard where you want. You can also use flash ads, however you can not have a billboard contain different types of ads (i.e. you cant have a billboard contain some flash, some image and some HTML ads). Saying that, you can work around that pretty easily as well.

Hope this helps!

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