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The Geek 08-10-2006 09:38 AM

Suggestions on Link directory
The Link Directory was supposed to be a simple example of what you can achieve with GARS, however Im getting loads of requests on making it a standard function. COuple this with the fact that I just upgraded one of my sites to 3.6 and sadly, my current link directory no longer works. THerefore I think I need to finish the directory up and roll it out.

Ive done a tad more tweaking... what more do you guys want?

waltercat 08-10-2006 01:20 PM

What are the current features for the links directory that are already included? I am building a links directory of sorts and the functionality has eluded me on GARS. I kinda thought GARS was a links directory in essence already.

The Geek 08-10-2006 01:49 PM

??? Not sure why you would have thought it was already a links directory ??? Most of the functionality is already built in, however it does need some more tuning.

waltercat 08-10-2006 03:09 PM

The only thing I can think of off hand is the ability to link directly to the site from the thread display. I know you can do this by clicking on the image of the site right now, but for those of us who do not use those thumb graphics, it would be nice to have a text option. Even allowing us to assign custom fields to the thread display, like we can with the thread view would work. That way we could drop any field we want in there.

Please note I am not suggesting the vba links directory way of doing things where you click on the title of the thread and it give you a dropdown. For non-savvy users that can get confusing. However, other people may find that very useful.

One more thing, and I know this is a pipe dream for 2.0... Searchability over custom fields. I know you haven't begun to explore this aspect of GARS, but in order for a directory with substantial listings to be useful, users need to be able to search it effectively. Forum browsing only goes so far. If you have a listing that falls under 2 forums, then you begin to run into problems. Keywording and searching GARS would be a huge bonus.

Making GARS searchable may be too difficult now, but making a module for extra threadfields 1.6 is probably possible.

Heck, I'd pay extra for something like this.

The Geek 08-10-2006 04:42 PM

THanks for your feedback.

I have made adjustments to the links directory here to hopefully make it more 'obvious' where the links are.
Right now, the URL is held in a custom field and like any custom field, is availible in the threadbit to use how you see fit.
Each entry is totally searchable. Sure, the URL (or any custom field) isnt searchable, however the contents of the entry is.
I would love to get GARS custom fields integrated into a search, however as you pointed out, I havent even looked there yet. Seeing as I have so much on my plate now, I kinda doubt Ill get there for 2.0. Maybe a 2.1 release though depending on how difficult it is ;)

waltercat 08-10-2006 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by The Geek
Seeing as I have so much on my plate now, I kinda doubt Ill get there for 2.0. Maybe a 2.1 release though depending on how difficult it is ;)

Totally understand and I appreciate everything GARS does have to offer now. I wish I was more apt at coding as I'd love to see what it can do as you say. I think it does a ton already out-of-box!

You make custom fields searchable, and GARS will become more powerful than ever!:D

RaceJunkie 08-10-2006 06:45 PM

Can more than one category be added? and is there anyway to use my current links db?

The Geek 08-10-2006 07:15 PM

Yes, just like any gars forum as many as you want can be added :)

RaceJunkie 08-10-2006 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by The Geek
Yes, just like any gars forum as many as you want can be added :)

Thanks for the quick reply.

My vB Advance links is currently not working hence the 3.6 upgrade.

1. Is there anyway to get a hold of my links like will Gars links import them?

2. I noticed that the category is expanded on the Gars test site. When you add other cats will they all be expanded as well?

My links directory would be like this Cat = Race Tracks Sub Cat = Every State. Then links So there would be allot of sub cats

waltercat 08-10-2006 08:21 PM

Race Junkie,

I don't think GARS can import and export files. You can however create the custom fields in GARS then find the GARS sql tables and add them that way. I imported about 200 threads via phpmyadmin and it worked great.

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