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utw-Mephisto 07-14-2006 04:41 AM

How to uninstall completely
Ok, I screwed something up badly, I get one database error after the other .. So I thought I simply uninstall and reinstall again.

But once reinstalled again it has again all settings (before uninstall) - how come ?

After the uninstall it did remove the tables as far as I could see but why does it still has all the all settings after uninstall / reinstall ?

How can I really make a "factory reset like" reinstall ?

The Geek 07-14-2006 06:58 AM

It should have removed the settings - however if you need to force it, you can run (from phpmyadmin)

DELETE FROM datastore WHERE title='GARS_settings' OR 'GARS_mod_cache'

utw-Mephisto 07-14-2006 07:01 AM


Affected Rows: 1 (0.0051s)
I guess this was it :) Will try to install again ..

utw-Mephisto 07-14-2006 07:10 AM

Thanks, this did the trick :)

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