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The Geek 09-15-2005 02:40 PM

Geek Auto-Linker Pro 4.5 Goes Gold
Whoot! GAL is alive and kicking.

I have finished off closing out the last couple of confirmed bugs and I think hes cooking on gas now. The Gold release is now availible from the download section for licensed owners.

I will be going through the troubleshooting section and cleaning out old bug reports from previous versions so we can have a solid start. If you find any new issues from a cleaned out bug report - please create a new thread (prefixed with version number).

Ill be adding a tutoiral or two on getting GAL to work with vbaCMPS and such later today.

I will also be looking to add a lite version (no stats, tracking and most likely no popups) for - any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated :)


Fleabag 09-15-2005 04:12 PM

Great news, when I get in I'll fire up the latest version with RC3. Thanks Geek. :)

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