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The Geek 09-10-2005 12:16 AM

GARS Beta 1.5 Released
This is primarily a bug fix session with only a couple new features.

New features:
New 'preview' of GAR when surfing through multiple pages of comments. This helps users clue in when they go to 'last post' on a multi page thread (many used to wonder where the hell the article went in GAS).
For user rate module, it now shows how many users make up the total.
Keyword replacement is now working for multiple languages (see below on how to activate).
I have removed the synopsis box (no one ever used it anyway). Ill most likely leave it there as a custom box for the future.
I have put the GARS template names as suggestions next to the types template names for easy reference. Those that do not have the suggestion are not plugged in yet anyway (forumdislpay, showthread, etc..).

There are still bugs roaming about and some features still not plugged in. Please hunt them down!

To upgrade, simply download latest version... upload all files to their corresponding locations (overwriting existing files). Then import the product-gars.xml file into your product manager (choosing to 'overwrite' your previous version).
Make sure you revert any changed templates.

For activating multiple language keyword phrasing... you need to translate a couple new global phrases:

These are case sensitive and essentially act as placeholders for your keywords. If your keyword for type is Review, it will replace all instances of GARS_thread with Review (it'll make sense when you do it ;) )

Think this about covers it.


The Geek 09-10-2005 12:42 AM

Please note that the BETA currently is void of a README.

Most info can be found in the tutorials section of this forum

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